Larrry (Mac) McBryde brought us these great lyrics written below (and also posted on our Facebook page) Your challenge is to set them to music. Bring your best effort to the next meeting and sing them for everyone. It should be a most interesting exercise to discover how everyone interprets this song.

By Larry (Mac) McBryde
The sun goes down and the neon buzzes to life
In a bar where you can cut the smoke with a knife
The bartender knows each face and nods a silent hello
These guys will be drinking whiskey, not Merlot or Bordeaux

There are meetings like this in lots of other bars
Where jilted men come to compare their scars
They don't record the minutes or call the roll
And they don't ask anyone to bare their soul
They just have a few drinks and eat a little grub
It's the weekly meeting of the Bartlett Lonely Hearts Club

They may argue about sports, but on one thing they all agree
You should hang every lawyer from the highest tree
They're convinced they"re the ones who destroyed their lives
And now they're probably sleeping with their wives


So if you're looking for a place with people who'll pretend they care
No reservations required, you can sit anywhere
Except for my stool over there under that burned out bulb
You're always welcomed, at the weekly meeting, of the Bartlett Lonely Hearts Club