Katherine McCaa Baldwin presented these great lyrics below (and also posted on our Facebook page.) Your challenge is to set them to music. Bring your best effort to the next meeting and sing them for everyone. We'll see how everyone interprets this song.

by Katherine McCaa Baldwin 2012

What would you say if I told you
I'm not asking for a ring
I'm just looking for some amusement babe
A carefree little fling

You might think I'm joking
Or there has to be a catch
But if you take chance on this romance
You'll see you've met your match


Boy, there's something about you
That shoots me straight to the stars above
So if you're game and you feel the same
Let's make some unforever love

I don't want to play house with you
Don't need the death do us part
Some honest fun is all I'm after
Cause it's much easier on my heart

I need to get some unforever love
No, I'm not too good to be true
Give me some of your unforever love, babe
I'm sick and tired of feeling these blues